Tag: politically incorrect


Hired to find a man who was supposedly killed in a terrorist attack almost a decade earlier, the politically incorrect private investigator known mononymously as Morningwood finds himself on a case that is anything but textbook.

With help from a childhood friend and cop buddy, and a beautiful assistant who has a knack for the biz, Morningwood tries to track the man down over the course of a weekend and discovers the existence of a secret government operation in the process.

There’s little to go on, and clues are hard to come by, but as he dives deeper into the case and looks at it through the eyes of a conspiracy theorist he sees that not all is as it seems. There are forces at work behind the scenes that are averse to his success.

With clues that lead him down a path he really doesn’t want to go down, Morningwood encounters no end of pitfalls and problems and wonders if he hadn’t been tasked with a fool’s errand, all the while contending with severe constipation.

Love him or love to hate him, but Morningwood calls things as he sees them with jaded eyes and imparts his particular take on the world around him.

Morningwood is a dark comedy that is sure to offend everybody